Tell us about your rosary journey

The Catholic Woodworker is raising money to build a brand-new website dedicated to helping men pray the rosary.  You can find out more about the campaign by clicking here (The Rosary Project).  You probably already know the power of the rosary otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, but if you think back to your experience with the rosary, it’s unlikely you just picked it up one day, started praying it perfectly, and haven’t missed a day since.  Right?  It’s tough, and for most of us it takes YEARS.  Getting men to buy a rosary is hard work, but that’s just the beginning.  I have learned so much over the last 4 years in my struggle to pray the rosary daily.  I don’t want the rosary to end up in a drawer like it did for me at various stages in my journey.  It is a tool, that requires training and practice.  This is where this website will really come to life.  Think about buying a rosary as a journey.  It doesn’t end when the package shows up, and is held for the first time.  If anything, that’s when the journey starts.  it’s about what happens after the purchase that matters.

We want to hear about your journey with the rosary!  Why?  Because we think it matters.  There is so much we can learn from each other and our journeys, and it’s exactly those learning lessons we hope to apply to our new website.  This is where the most significant investment will be, and this will take the most time.  Beginning in October, I will be launching 2 new exploration initiatives to help discover practical ways to hold men accountable and draw them into a deeper appreciation for the rosary.

Number one is a local Rosary Group.  A small group of men will begin meeting weekly to discuss the mysteries of the rosary.  Using scripture and several excellent books, we’ll dive into a different mystery each month.  In addition, we’ll pair up and help each other be accountable to praying the rosary daily.  Not just praying though, really meditating on the mysteries.

Number two is a research project.  I will begin interviewing men all over the country and asking them 1 question: Tell me about your experience with the rosary?  I know my own experience, but most people don’t talk about it.  Even if someone does pray the rosary, it’s something that’s generally done quietly and the journey they took to get there is a mystery, sometimes even to them.  My own journey was somewhat of a mystery as well until I consciously went back to various journals, facebook posts, and other clues to put together a cohesive story.  I want to capture the turning points & milestones, as well as the setbacks along that journey to the daily rosary. These research findings will be key to uncovering the secrets to helping men pray this power prayer daily.

Please help us by sharing your story.  You can either email it to us or schedule a time to tell us about it over the phone (We’d love to speak with you if you have the time!).  You can use the form below to participate.  As a thank you, we’ll send you a 25% coupon to The Catholic Woodworker online store (good for use with custom rosary orders as well)!