St. Joseph was a quiet man. He spoke no words in scripture, yet he has had a profound and growing influence on the life of fathers since he accepted his role as foster father of Jesus Christ. Quiet, peace, silence were themes from last week’s conference. The antithesis of noise and busy-ness. I think there’s a reason St. Joseph was silent in scriptures, so that we’d focus on his actions. There is nothing quiet about his actions in scripture. I wrote about the flight into Egypt in a previous post. He was a man of action, actions that were always and immediately aligned with the will of God and his vocation as father. How many of us can confidently say, “I correctly discern the will of God in every moment of my life” ? (spoiler alert, the answer is none of us) I think a big reason for that is because we are too busy. We are surrounded by noise, stimulation, notifications, advertisements, music, sports, TV, work, and entertainment that we can’t hear. The only place we will ever be able to hear the call of the Lord is in the quiet of our hearts, but how can we listen with all that noise? The answer is difficult and at the same time simple: SILENCE! You must spend quiet time with the Lord, every day.  This is hard. Especially if you are surrounded by noise. You’ll have to detox. It will take time, but if you consistently spend quiet time with Him, I mean literal silence… No reading, no praying the rosary,  no talking… You will begin to hear Him speak in the quiet of your heart. He will reveal to you your unhealthy attachments, your weaknesses, your failures, where the Holy Spirit is moving you, where He is already working in your life, and most importantly how much He loves you and desires a deep and intimate relationship with you. Consider this a formal invitation to put silent time with the Lord on your calendar. Consider it a prescription, a remedy from your problems and all the noise that’s burying you. Take a vacation from the noise and rest in the peaceful silence of relationship with Christ. St. Joseph can probably help you, just ask him.