In both faith and woodworking I have been grateful to a great many resources that have supported me on this journey and provided great wisdom and insights.


  • The Catholic Gentleman – There is arguably no greater resource for Catholic men when it comes to blogs.  Sam is an excellent writer, and more importantly a great man.  The content you will find here is sound, relevant, and powerful.
  • Those Catholic Men – The content here is just as powerful, and each article challenges you to grow in holiness and look at topics and situations with a different, more faithful lens.  Additionally, they are the creators of Exodus (mentioned in programs below) which is the best Men’s program that exists today.
  • The New Emangelization – The is a hidden gem.  You must visit this site.  Among other things, you will find interviews with some of the most awesome Catholic men that live today.  Matthew James Christoff spent years researching the Catholic Man Crisis and the fruits of his work can be found among these pages.  Additionally, you will find links to hundreds of other great resources.


  • Man Up – This is a great podcast with a different interview each week.  Always great interviews, always great topics, around 30 minutes an episode.  Solid all around.
  • Father Mike Schmitz – Father Mike is arguably one of the best homilists I know.  He posts his homilies online and are available through the UMD Newman Catholic Campus Ministry podcast.  These are a must-listen for all, especially if you struggle to find inspiration from your local pastor.  Keep in mind that not all priests are great at homilies.  That’s ok.  That doesn’t mean they are good, holy men, and it’s not an excuse to not go to mass on Sunday. Search UMD Catholic on any Podcast App.
  • Pints with Aquinas – As Matt Fradd put it himself, “If you could sit down with St. Thomas Aquinas over a pint of beer and ask him any one question, what would it be?  Every episode of Pints With Aquinas addresses a question St. Thomas answers in his most famous work, the Summa Theologica.”
  • The Catholic Man Show – Adam and Dave have to be the most engaging radio personalities I know…but I don’t really know any others so…For real though, this show is excellent.  The format is the same each episode: Man beverage, Man Gear, Man Topic.  If you are short on time, skip to the Man Topic because you need to hear it.  Solid all around.
  • Hobo for Christ – Meg Hunter-Kilmer makes scripture come alive like no one I’ve heard before.  The Holy Spirit is alive and well in her work, and I promise you this podcast will change you.
  • Arbor Vitae – This is a podcast for you fellow woodworkers!  Adam and Jonathan (me) discuss virtue in woodworking, and highlight a virtue and featured craftsman in each episode.  Even if you aren’t into woodworking, you can skip the first 12-15 minutes and get to the heart of the 7 virtues in each episode where you’ll find practical wisdom for living out the 7 virtues.


  • Exodus 90 – This program has changed my life.  Exodus 90 is a program built around prayer, asceticism, and brotherhood.  If you want to obtain freedom from worldly vice, this is the only way to do it.  If you want to be the man God created you to be, there is no better way to get on the right track.  Freedom is a must if we wish love out our vocation.
  • That Man is You – This is a great program for parishes to draw men into the faith.  If your parish has it, start going.  If not, consider getting it started.  Great content, and great discussion opportunities.
  • Fraternus – I don’t have first-hand experience with the program, but I hope to someday.  This program is all about men mentoring boys, and teaching them by example how to be men of faith.  This cannot be done in isolation.  It must be done through community.


  • Ascension Presents – Father Mike has these great 5 minute reflections on this channel.  Additionally, there is some other great content and the production quality is off the charts good.
  • Chris Stefanick – Chris’ production quality is outstanding and the content is on point.
  • Father Larry Richards – “Be a saint or go to hell!” is one of many famous quotes from Father Larry.  I had the pleasure of meeting him last year and he’s fantastic all around.  There are few priests who know how to challenge men and call them to holiness more than this man.  Any of his talks are worth watching.