Queen of Heaven and Earth

“No woman makes herself Queen.  She does not decide one day to choose this for herself.  A queen is not self-proclaimed.  She is not elected.  A woman becomes queen by her relationship to another either by marriage or by ancestry.  Queenship is something bestowed upon her by another.  This is an essential part of Mary’s own queenship, as she was chosen by the Father to be the mother of His Son.  Her relationship to Christ has brought a new depth and dimension to her person.” ~Father James M. Sullivan, O.P.

Queen of Heaven and Earth,

As our Queen, subject to the King, you have always submitted yourself completely to His Lordship.  As a good queen you have dedicated yourself to the service of your people.  You love us tenderly, care for our needs with the greatest charity, lavish us with heavenly gifts of grace and virtue, and most importantly you protect us from the evil one.  He is powerless to stop you.  Yet, instead of fighting every battle for us, causing in us a feeling of hopelessness (although we are in fact hopeless on our own), you gave us a weapon of our own, the rosary, to right alongside you.  I know of no greater weapon, except Christ himself, and you show us time and again the full power and might of this spiritual sword that we may never lose hope under your divine protection.  Good Queen, instill in my heart an ever greater love for your most Holy Rosary and through meditating on it’s most precious mysteries, lead me to the foot of the cross where I may join you in faithfully serving our King.

Queen of Heaven and Earth, pray for us